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1. Please tell us succinctly and specifically what you did with your Willary
grant money. In cases of grant money issued for a specific program, focus
exclusively on that program. In cases of grant money issued for general
operating purposes, tell us exactly what you did with the Willary money.

2. Compare and evaluate your specific, short term, measurable objectives as
listed in your application with the actual results achieved.

3. How do your actual expenses compare with the budget projections?

4. What were the lasting benefits of your project?

5. What would you do differently if you were starting the project now?

6. Do you have any comments, suggestions or criticisms about working with
the Foundation?

7. If you want us to know anything about the program in general, its
accomplishments, or character, please do it here.

8. What challenges / barriers to success did you encounter? How did you
respond to these challenges?