Board of Directors
Susan S. Dawson
S. Caitlin Scranton
Elizabeth S. Valosek
Julien Scranton
Joseph C. Scranton
Peter K. Scranton
William W. Scranton III

Administrative Director
M. Linda Donovan

Mary L. Scranton
WIlliam W. Scranton





Mission Statement:

The Willary Foundation is a family foundation dedicated to developing ideas and projects that are interesting, creative and imaginative and which benefit communities in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Willary seeks to foster groups with unique, innovative or unusual ideas and efforts.

The Foundation is disposed to leveraging the impact of its grants by encouraging efforts that could have a ripple effect in the community or by supporting projects in conjunction with other sources of funding. The Foundation wishes to promote the special qualities of the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Willary is particularly interested in projects that support leadership and the development of leadership in business, the economy, education, human services, government, the arts, media and research.